The final program, including readings and other materials, will be delivered to participants of the Summer School once the registration is confirmed.

June 6th

Introductions & Definitions of Cultural Heritage and Activities

Morning (9:00 – 13:00)

Lectio Magistralis: Lorenzo Casini

Cultural Heritage between Cultural Property Law and Art Law: Terminology: Felicia Caponigri & Anna Pirri Valentini

Cultural Heritage Law in the Urban Context: Lucrezia Palandri

Afternoon (14:30 – 17:30)

Creativity and Design of Tourism, Policies, and Services for Cultural Heritage: Maria Luisa Catoni & Yesim Tonga

World Heritage Sites: Identifying Outstanding Universal Value in Properties: Ruggero Longo

June 7

The Protection and Circulation of Cultural Heritage

Morning (9:00 – 13:00)

Public and Private Stakeholders in the Protection and Circulation of Cultural Heritage: Felicia Caponigri & Anna Pirri Valentini

A Day in the Life of a Superintendent in Florence: Jennifer Celani

Cultural heritage activities for the support of local economic and social development: Ottavia Semerari

Afternoon (14:30 – 17:30)

Industrial Property and Intellectual Property in Italy and in the US, an overview: Anna Pirri Valentini & Felicia Caponigri

Design in the Lucchese Context: Discussion with President, Designer and Art Director of Martinelli Luce +

onsite Visit to Martinelli Luce showroom

June 8

Management of Cultural Heritage in Museums

Morning (9:00 – 13:00)

Valorization between Cultural Heritage Law and Museum and Archival Guidelines: Felicia Caponigri & Anna Pirri Valentini

Museum Governance and Structures in Italy: Andrea Averardi

A Day in the Life of an Italian Foundation Director: Arturo Galansino

Afternoon (14:30 – 17:30)

Museums in the lucchese context: Emanuele Pellegrini

Onsite Visit: Museo Nazionale Palazzo Mansi / Villa Guinigi / Palazzo Pfanner/ Puccini Museum Lucca.


9 June | Brand Heritage and Cultural Activities

Visit to Gucci Archive in Florence, Italy

10 June | Sustainability, Innovation, and Heritage

Visit to Chiesa di Sant'Andrea in Pistoia and Aperitivo with Local Small, Medium Enterprises

17, 18 June | The Italian Law of Cultural Heritage: a Dialogue with the United States

International conference, Florence (program below); website: